JT teases ‘Maddison’, he’ll lose until he gets used to it.

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Legendary Chelsea defender John Terry respond by consoling James Maddison, saying he would soon get used to defeat. After the Tottenham Hotspur playmaker started before leaving a teasing comment under the victory celebration post.

The most dramatic game on Monday, “Sing Blues” defeated the “Golden Spurs” who had 9 remaining players with a score of 4-1, with Terry watching the game at home. Celebrate the win by posting a video of yourself sipping your drink. Ready to stand and hug his wife, singing

“When Chelsea beat Spurs 4-1 on the night. The kids preparing to go to school And the tequila was opened… You end up dancing. and singing at the bar,” Terry wrote in the caption. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

Not long after, Maddison, who played 45 minutes in the game and was substituted. Because of an injury, saw Terry’s post and responded to his fellow countryman: “Oh my god, JT, you covered your hand.

When we were down to 11 people, were they the same in the first 15 minutes?” the 26-year-old attacker commented with a monkey emoji covering his eyes. Referring to the beginning of the game where Tottenham took the lead and almost added more. But Son Heung-min was caught offside. Terry did not answer the question, but instead responded by offering comfort to Maddison, expecting

that Referring to Spurs’ recent history,

“Don’t worry, friend. You’ll get used to it,” Terry commented back with a laughing emoji that brought tears to his eyes. and blue heart shape