Arteta laughs off embarrassment about Gunners link to Mbappe.

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Arsenal head coach Miguel Arteta doesn’t believe the trend of links with striker Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain. Will move to work together in season 2024-25.

The origin of the story is because Mbappe informed his agency that this season will be his last year at the Parc des Princes. Resulting in the European powerhouses being dragged into involvement. Including Real Madrid, Liverpool or even ‘The Gunners’ because they used to be the former club of childhood favorite Thierry Henry. ทางเข้า UFABET

But the 41-year-old does not believe the Emirates Stadium will be the France captain’s next stop. 

Opening his mouth:

“Whenever there is news of a player of that level being ready to transfer teams. We are often associated with our names.” Opening his mouth at the press conference before visiting Burnley (17 Feb.)

“But looking at his style, he probably went the other way.”  

“If we want to be the best team It is not necessary to take the players with the best abilities and always the best.” 

“ Let’s just say I have no clue. Maybe the sports director. Edu and the club owner are doing something behind the scenes. But with me there was no opportunity to discuss until the final steps. ”  

The reason why Arteta doesn’t want Mbappe that much is partly. Because the team’s form is on track to win 4 games in the league, totaling 16 goals. Which the Spanish coach hinted that he hasn’t changed anything from the beginning foot. 

“Nothing special at all. We just work as a team. Sometimes it’s about convincing players to try harder, to have more confidence. and adjust your beliefs about things that will definitely happen.”

“That is steady evolution. And that’s what the team needs for this season. Our competitors are all brilliant. and come in the way of what the team wants to do.”  

Arsenal’s top scorer in the league is Bukayo Saka (10 goals). With up to 8 other players scoring at least 4 goals, considered to be an excellent spread of responsibility.