Musiala reveals he is learning from Muller.

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Bayern Munich youngster Jamal Musiala has revealed. He is learning from his senior Thomas Muller at club and football national level.

Bayern Munich’s 19-year-old midfielder Jamal Musiala has revealed. He is learning how to play and read the game from Thomas Muller to enhance his playing in the Champions League. According to a report from the ‘BBC’ on Saturday. 

‘If you play in midfield. You have to find a different way to get involved in attack. And running behind the defense that can be very difficult to defend.’ Musiala said. ‘Everyone knows that attacking midfielders are my favorite position like. UFABET Because that’s where the game is in front of me.’

One of the barriers to playing in Musiala’s favorite position is the presence of Thomas Muller. Who started both Bayern Munich and the German national team. But the 19-year-old has revealed he is taking advantage of learning. From being around experienced players at club and national team. 

‘I’ve been able to learn a lot from Thomas since my first training session. We always talk about the game. The way he viewed the game was a genius. Because he saw that there would be room before it happened.’

‘He takes a few steps forward before he catches the ball. And already knew what he had to play. He led our structure when we pressed. When I had the opportunity to play a higher position on the pitch as a number 10, I had some ideas on what to do next in my game.’ Musiala said.