Manchester United keep an eye on target football.

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Manchester United keep an eye on target footballers ready to leave this summer.

Kingsley Coman is one of Manchester United  top transfer targets in the Premier League this summer. Came out of a major move. Which may be a signal about the future of the subject. After the season.

The Red Devils are looking to add attacking players especially the center forwards. After they released Cristiano Ronaldo from the team last November. However, it is possible that Erik ten Hag will also be interested in players in the wide position to move Marcus Rashford to play in the center instead.

Coman is an interesting winger and one of the options that has link with Manchester United, and according to the latest reports from UFABET. correspondents, there is a possibility that he may be thinking about a transfer during the period. this summer

“Kingsley Coman is an interesting person. I think he still has four years left on his contract with Bayern, but what’s interesting is that at the beginning of the year he just changed his agent. It now uses the services of CAA Base, a company based in London. England”

“I just feel like this might be some clue that makes me think. Maybe he’s thinking about transfers? Or is it the right time to move or not. While Bayern are not under pressure to sell him at this time?

“He is an amazing player. He scored the winning goal in the UEFA Champions League game. final Playing regularly for the French national team But sometimes. When you hear a player has changed agents, it has only one meaning: he wants the new agent to find a way to make the move. I think this will be interesting news this summer.”