Good signs from Liverpool’s 6-game victories in a row

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Good signs from Liverpool’s 6-game victories in a row.

A 1-0 Premier League victory over Brentford at Anfield last night. Although not the best game Liverpool played, was another game. Which they were able to get the result they wanted. And also without conceding a goal for the 2nd match in a row

It was also the sixth successive win that Jurgen Klopp’s side had won. The first time this season that they had won more than four games in a row. Giving them a bit of a boost. to make the top four during the final arc of the season

However, the situation in winning a return to the UEFA Champions League In the next season. It seems that it is not 100% in Liverpool’s hands. Because even if they win in the remaining 3 games. They will have to hope for the results of their opponents, Newcastle, Manchester United, in total . Both Brighton to make mistakes, drop some points Which, to be honest, is quite difficult.

One thing that the Reds disciples.

Should comfortable with is that Form of play. That has come back strong again compared to the beginning of last season

The last 6 victories were not only a matter of 18 full points. But also showed a lot of improvement after struggling all the time. Whether it’s a matter of a playing system that has changed significantly Changing the position of Trent Alexander-Arnold offensive formation and the strong form of midfield

and when chasing each other from the support line After a 0-0 draw with Chelsea on April 5, Liverpool conceded five games in a row. Before keeping a clean sheet in a 1-0 win over Fulham in midweek. The last match against Brentford was last night.

Over the past four or five years. The Reds’ back four has been cited as one of the strongest defensive lines in Europe. But this season they have shown incredible mistakes. Even in the last 6 games they have conceded 4 goals, especially in the game that beat Tottenham Hotspur last week. Which they lost 3 goals in a row after taking a 3-0 lead. Which is unlikely to happen to a team of this level.

The lesson there then made the game against Fulham. They returned to concentrate, help each other play defensive games and pack the game more tightly. While using the press to destroy the opponent’s offensive game. There may be some small mistakes, but the goal can be achieved without conceding a goal.

As in the last game, after taking the lead in the 13th minute.

Jurgen Klopp’s team focused on running the game with certainty. Despite being heavily pressed by Brentford’s players. They managed to survive and didn’t make the same mistakes as they did against Spurs.

Meanwhile, in midfield, Fabinho and Jordan Henderson return to form they return to fitness once again, and with a 3-4-3 formation. The duo can exploit their potential. Fully This plays an important role in making the defensive line stronger and supporting the attacking line to become even more dangerous.

Using Trent Arnold as an inverted fullback is the perfect solution. Because since that draw with Arsenal, Liverpool have dominate the ball over their opponents. Their attacking game has been dangerous, scoring at any moment, while Trent has become the key to driving midfield.

As for the offensive line, it could be said that it is a position with almost no problems after almost all players have returned. Which causes competitors to adjust their playing strategies as well

Notice that in the latter period, Mo Salah began to get more balls from the edge of the line and was able to often create danger on the right flank. Wrong with before. Where competitors often send opponents to chase and crush almost the entire game That’s because Hendo’s push up high and Trent’s pivot into the middle mean he has plenty of attacking options.

Having said that, at this time,

Every position of Liverpool is perfect under the playing system that allows them to return to good form.

From now on, the rest will have to wait and see. How the direction of the reinforcements in the summer will be. But it is believe. That the new arrivals will make Klopp’s squad even stronger. Especially when there is news. That the German boss wants the recruitment to complete before July. Which is the pre-season. This will be the time of preparing the team. Practice understanding new tactics that will use in the next season. Including giving new players more time to adjust

and if everything goes according to plan. As the new season begins, Liverpool will once again become a strong team and contend for the title.